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Mood Disorders

Mood disorders (Dysthymia, Major Depression or Bipolar Depression) can be caused by a number of factors, including: chemical imbalance in the brain, environmental, and interpersonal, psychosocial factors.

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Anxiety and Panic Disorders

In many situations, anxiety is normal and healthy, and not something that needs to be treated. However, sometimes anxiety can rise to unhealthy and overwhelming levels...

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Marriage and Family

ACC works with couples and families to enhance communications skills and strengthen the common bond. It is critical for families and couples to first identify their goals in coming to counseling.

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Coping with Trauma

Everyone may experience some stress reactions as the result of major life changes, events or traumas. Some feelings don't last long, and some may not appear for weeks or even months after the event.

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Body-Image and Eating Disorders

It was bad enough when youth were faced with air-brushed models in magazines and attractive actors on television; now they’re engrossed by “reality” shows promoting modeling, competitive dating, and...

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About Us

Arcadia Counseling Center (ACC) provides counseling for a wide range of mental health issues and serves children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Our…

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Arcadia Counseling Center’s licensed behavioral health providers are able to provide services to children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. The scope of our…

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Survivors’ Group The incidence of sexual abuse and assault is unfortunately all too common. There are numerous significant effects resulting from this that…

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As of June 6, 2022 our new address is: 4647 N. 32nd Street, Suite B-175, Phoenix, AZ 85018.


Arcadia Counseling Center will continue to offer in-person therapy and now offers HIPAA compliant video/phone therapy for those who prefer telemedicine communication during this time.

Given the emergence of the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19), Arcadia Counseling Center wants to assure our valued clients that the safety and health of our center is our highest priority. We understand the importance of education and preventative measures.

We understand there have been cancellations and postponements of work/school events. Social distancing has been recommended to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize this is helpful in containing the virus and are also aware that it can cause increased stress, anxiety, paranoia, and loneliness.

It is important that you know we are adopting necessary protocols as we continue to monitor the advice of World Health Organization and other public health agencies in order to accommodate the continuation of client treatment.