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Survivors’ Group

The incidence of sexual abuse and assault is unfortunately all too common. There are numerous significant effects resulting from this that may continue to negatively affect our daily lives and experiences, often leading to the use of maladaptive and/or unhealthy coping skills. These effects may be lifelong for some, but with treatment may be alleviated. Some common effects of sexual trauma are:

  • struggles with trust
  • lack of confidence
  • self-deprecating thoughts and behaviors
  • residual guilt, shame, fear and anger
  • withdrawal from socializing
  • feeling “different” from others
  • feeling hurt by others often
  • feeling lonely, bored, or empty inside
  • depression and/or suicidal ideation
  • perfectionism; intolerance of mistakes
  • avoiding feelings
  • no longer caring about appearance
  • life feeling out of control
  • fear of change
  • feeling stupid or less capable than others
  • struggles with sexual feelings and intimacy

Julie Jacobs, MSW, LCSW offers two separate processing, support, and treatment groups for female and male survivors of sexual abuse. Through processing, increasing awareness, and skill building, the goals of this group are to move towards healing, while learning to manage triggers and emotions. Please call the office for additional information or to schedule.

CBT/Skills Training Group for Boys 7-13

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment and skills training group for boys, ages 7-13, focusing on enhancing self-esteem, coping skills, social skills and communication skills.

Therapeutic/Support Group for Teen Girls

This group focuses on coping, communication, social skills, self-esteem, and other relevant teen-related issues, such as those surrounding identity and sexuality, decreasing/eliminating maladaptive coping skills, and family issues. Please call the office for additional information or to schedule.

Please call for group availability: (602) 218-6901 or (480) 862-2224.