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Telehealth Teen Support Group

Arcadia Counseling Center ​is committed to the well-being of our clients, especially during these trying times. The COVID-19 global pandemic is creating fear and anxiety, sadness and isolation, while also limiting access to normal, healthy outlets.

In response, we are launching a ​TeleHealth Teen Support Group which is easily accessed from home using a “Zoom for Telehealth” platform. Please click here for more information.

Teen Mindfulness Group (Telehealth)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents
In this group, the teens will be focusing on 5 crucial concepts. The objective is for Crystal Bennett, MC, LPC to be their primary source of mindfulness. We’re hoping this group is an aid for their success as they’re making their way from middle to high school, or high school to college and all the social and emotional challenges in between.
Please click here for more information.

Drop-In Parenting Group (Telehealth)

As our families are faced with ever-changing environments, this open group was created in order to assist parents in managing ongoing and emerging challenges in the home. Parents may attend and participate as desired.
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Therapeutic and Support Group for Teenage Girls Struggling with Self-Injurious Behaviors

Teen self-injury, self-mutilation, cutting and suicidal ideation can be overcome, but the problems causing a teen to self-injure or self-mutilate need to be resolved and the teen must learn healthier ways to manage emotions.

Julie Karnes, MSW, LCSW offers a Dialectical Behavior Therapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills training and treatment group for teenage girls who self-harm, focusing on eliminating the above behavior, as well as enhancing self-esteem, social skills and communication skills.

Women Empowerment Group

This therapeutic and educational support group is designed for women who are contemplating, in the midst of, or who have recently ended emotionally toxic or abusive relationships. The purpose of this group is to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in women; to enable them to represent their interests and values in a responsible, balanced, loving way, while acting on their own authority. The focus will be on self-worth, assertion, effective communication, healthy boundaries, personal growth, coping skills and self-actualization. Through therapeutic guidance, a safe environment and support of other women, the goal is for each participant to become stronger and more confident to act on their own behalf.

The WE GROUP is facilitated by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Laura Greenwood, MSW, LCSW, and meets every other Monday from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Please contact the office for details.


Survivors’ Group

The incidence of sexual abuse and assault is unfortunately all too common. There are numerous significant effects resulting from this that may continue to negatively affect our daily lives and experiences, often leading to the use of maladaptive and/or unhealthy coping skills. These effects may be lifelong for some, but with treatment may be alleviated. Some common effects of sexual trauma are:

  • struggles with trust
  • lack of confidence
  • self-deprecating thoughts and behaviors
  • residual guilt, shame, fear and anger
  • withdrawal from socializing
  • feeling “different” from others
  • feeling hurt by others often
  • feeling lonely, bored, or empty inside
  • depression and/or suicidal ideation
  • perfectionism; intolerance of mistakes
  • avoiding feelings
  • no longer caring about appearance
  • life feeling out of control
  • fear of change
  • feeling stupid or less capable than others
  • struggles with sexual feelings and intimacy

Julie Karnes, MSW, LCSW offers a processing, support and treatment group for adult survivors of sexual abuse. Through processing, increasing awareness and skill building, the goals of this group are to move towards managing triggers and emotions related to the abuse, moving toward healing. Please call the office for additional information or to schedule.

CBT/Skills Training Group for Girls 7-13 (Telehealth)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment and skills training group for girls, ages 7-13, focusing on enhancing self-esteem, coping skills, social skills and communication skills.

CBT/Skills Training Group for Boys 7-13 (Telehealth)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment and skills training group for boys, ages 7-13, focusing on enhancing self-esteem, coping skills, social skills and communication skills.

Please call for group availability: (602) 218-6901 or (480) 862-2224.