Arcadia Counseling Center / By Peter Tumolo / July 20, 2016


Over 3 million Americans struggle with depression every year.

Symptoms Include:
Change in Mood
Anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, inability to feel pleasure, loss of interest, mood swings, or sadness
Change in Sleep
Early awakening, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep
Whole Body
Excessive hunger, fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness
Agitation, excessive crying, irritability, or social isolation
Lack of concentration, slowness in activity, or thoughts of suicide
Weight gain or weight loss
Also Common
Poor appetite or repeatedly going over thoughts

If you experience any of the above symptoms, help is available. Contact one of our licensed professional therapists today for a consultation. We offer sliding scale rates. Call today to see if you qualify.

You do not need to battle depression alone. We are here to help.